Yukari Yucchi Watanabe

Digital Artist / 3D Modeler


3D models and illustrations
30 Doggie Challenge (Part1: A-C)
30 Doggie Challenge (Part2: D-L)
30 Doggie Challenge (Part3: P-Y)
Happy Halloween
Elephant Anatomy Study
Christmas Tree
Female Sculpture
Male Sculpture
Fancy Nancy Fan Art
Stone Brewing Gargoyle Fan Art
Sunflower Girl 
Happy Wedding!
Sitting Elephant
Character Design and Models
for ABC Kid TV
Old Models 2016
Short Film "Garby" Project
BG Modeling

Yukari Yucchi Watanabe


Hi my name is Yukari.
Grown up as a third culture kid, I live everywhere, and I work everywhere.
I was born in France, lived in Japan and Thailand, studied animation in California and worked as a 3D artist there. Currently I am working in Singapore as a graphic designer, and do 3D modeling in my free times.

Software Skills:
Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects

What I like:
Elephant, Beer, Polka Dot, Shoes


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