Hi! My name is Yukari "Yucchi" Watanabe. I'm a Japanese origin CG artist who loves heart-warming story and cute design.

Grown up as a third culture kid, I go everywhere, I live everywhere, and I work everywhere. I was born in France, lived in Japan and Thailand, studied and worked in US, and currently I am working in Singapore. I am very flexible and easy going person. I always love to travel to exprole a new world!

Work Experience:
The Walt Disney Southeast Asia -Video editor (Singapore)
Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage -3D animator& modelor
(Bandai Namco Studios in Tokyo, Japan)
ABC kid TV-Designer, illustrations, 3D genelalist
(Treasure Studio in Irvive, CA)
Tumble Leaf Season 2 -VFX artist and compositor
(Bix Pix Entertainment in Sunvally, CA)

My Portfolio


  • Singapore
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